Follow-up activities and resources


Follow-ups introduction

Here is a list of a number of possible follow-up activities and resources for use with student recordings.

Transcription & self-evaluation form

  1. Click here to download a transcription/self-evaluation form

Follow up types

Here are some suggested types of transcription, with samples:

  1. 1.Complete transcription

  2. A full writing of a recorded conversation, from beginning to end

  3. complete_transcription.pdf

  4. 2.Limited transcription

  5. A partial writing of a recorded conversation, based on a limit

  6. Time-limited

  7. Transcribing for a predetermined time (e.g.: 30 minutes)

  8. time_limited_transcription.pdf

  9. Space-limited

  10. Transcribing within a predetermined space (e.g.: 2 notebook pages, form)

  11. space_limited_transcription.pdf

  12. 3.Focused transcription

  13. A partial transcription, with foci on several interesting or useful parts of the conversation

  14. focused_transcription.pdf

  15. 4.Sandwich transcription

  16. A partial transcription, with a focus on several interesting or useful parts of the conversation sandwiched by a certain number of lines before and after the point of focus

  17. sandwich_transcription.pdf

  18. 5.Summary

  19. A summary of the main points of the conversation, with varying emphases (e.g.: effective strategy use)

  20. summary.pdf

  21. 6.Transsummary

  22. A combination of transcription and summary, a reflective summary coming after short, focused transcriptions

  23. transummary.pdf