Teacher Education Program resources


Teacher Education Program introduction

The Teacher Education Program (TEP) at International University Japan (IUJ) is designed to work within the Intensive English Program (IEP) to help “junior and senior high school English teachers to develop their communication skills in English, as well as, a conceptual understanding of and practical skills for English language teaching.” The TEP consists of the English Language Teaching (ELT) course (six sessions) and workshop components (two sessions).

When invited to direct the TEP, Prof. Kindt uses these resources:

TEP blog

This is a place for participants in the TEP to share experiences, ideas, and comments. Click here to go to the TEP blog.

Classroom activities

Prof. Kindt’s program focuses on developing and implementing materials and activities for the interactive language classroom. Click here to visit the activities resource page.

Feedback procedures

Feedback is an important aspect of interactive classrooms. Click here to see a number of ways to promote feedback in the language classroom.

Classroom procedures

The Classroom procedures page lists a number of procedures related to logistics that can assist in helping students to spend more time focusing on language-learning activities.

RRSCs Intro

Recursive Recording of Student Conversations (RRSCs) is an effective procedure for language learning and researching using a variety of recording media. Click RRSCs Intro to find out more.

Follow-up activities

There are a number of follow-up activities that can help students learn from their recorded conversations. Follow this link to see a list.

Other resources

Prof. Kindt’s main Resources for teachers page is here. These resources include Tools for Increasing Proficiency in Speaking (TIPS), Students’ Own Conversation Cards (SOCCs), Recursive Recording of Student Conversations (RRSCs), and recording follow-up activities.

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