Resources for Teachers


Classroom activities

Here are some language learning activities with particular emphasis on promoting classroom interaction.

TIPS how to...

Tools for Increasing Proficiency in Speaking (TIPS) is a collection of tools, procedures, activities, and conversation strategies for increasing speaking and listening skills. Click TIPS how to... to find out more.

Conversation cards

Student’s Own Conversation Cards (SOCCs) is one of the main tools in the TIPS collection. Click here to find out more about how conversation cards are used.

RRSCs intro

Recursive Recording of Student Conversations (RRSCs) is an effective procedure for language learning and researching using a variety of recording media. Click RRSCs intro to find out more.

Follow-up activities

There are a number of follow-up activities activities that can help students learn from their recorded conversations. Follow this link to see a list.

Feedback procedures

The Feedback procedures webpage provides a collection of feedback procedures for use in language classrooms.

Evaluation procedures

This page has a number of evaluation procedures that can be adapted to various teaching contexts.

Classroom procedures

The Classroom procedures page lists a number of procedures related to logistics that can assist in helping students to spend more time focusing on language-learning activities.

MD•TESOL resources

The Materials Development (MD) course, part of the MA•TESOL at NUFS, has a webpage of useful resources. To see these resources, go this page.

TEP•ELT resources

The TEP•ELT course is part of the IEP at IUJ. Click here to view the resources.

ESL/EFL links

A list of a few useful links for ESL/EFL teachers.

Conversation strategies

A list of several conversation strategies.

Prof. Kindt’s publications

Go to this link to see Prof. Kindt’s publications, many available in pdf files.

Research projects

An explanation of some of Prof. Kindt’s research projects.

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